Eliot is really effective and an awesome speaker who has vast subject knowledge and really helpful. Keep up the good work.
21 April 2017
Great imformative course. Very friendly. Material addressed newbies and experts. Also allowed ability to talk about recent topics/job related topics.
21 April 2017
Hi Hana

We love using your company I have been approached by another company to go with them but to date you guys have been very accomodating to any changes I need or make.Our team that attended recently were talking amongst themselves about the use of the defibrillator and how confronting it would be in real life.We had an incident 4 days prior to them attending in one of our restaurants and we pulled the defibrillator out about to put the sticky parts onto a customer aswell as completing CPR but then the ambulance arrived and I tell you that was an eye opener and they were very happy with the training they receivedSo to answer all your questions I am happy with the training your company provides and don't intend to change to anyone elseHope this helpsHave a great day

Rosa Tuimaunei - Operations Manager
21 April 2017
Hi Hana,

I Just completed your course yesterday, just a note to compliment  Sharon and her skills on a job very well done. My husband was on the course and sat right through it with not much hassles. (He's a man with ants in his pants) and we also had really great feedback from the rest of the group. Thanks again
Regards Christina
21 April 2017
Hi Hana
Our guys do alot of courses, and your one is definately one they talked highly of. 
Keep up the great work
Sarah Mckinlay
21 April 2017
The first aid course was brilliant.  I have done a first aid refresher every two years for the past 12 years and this one was the best I have been to.  Julie kept it interesting and everyone was really glad they done it.  The scenarios both on the screen and the laminated ones that we discussed in groups were  great because they related what we had learned into real life situations.  We are all feeling confident that we could help a lot better now in a first aid situation should we need to

Thanks very much, a great course that we have all been talking about and telling people how good it was.
Charmaine West
21 April 2017
I was very impressed with Sharon's knowledge and skills and experience.
She was also very down to earth and approachable.
Would happily have her again.
I feel that I have the skills to assist in a first aid situation (although I hope never to have too).
21 April 2017
Hi Hana,Thanks for following up with us.
All staff agreed that it was the best First Aid course they had ever done!  Sharon was engaging and knowledgeable and we all felt much more confident and better skilled to deal with emergencies in the future.
What really worked for us was the range of real life anecdotes that Sharon had experienced in her involvement within the area of emergency services.  These real life emergency situations made the course feel real and gave examples of things that really could and do happen.
Thanks very much.Regards
Jenni - Lion Breweries
21 April 2017
We were very pleased with the training provided by Jake.  His style of delivery kept everyone focussed.It was a refresher course for the majority and they are all pretty confident now to react in an emergency. We have purchased an AED machine and all confident in using it too.  We would definitely recommend you.Many thanks for your help
Shona - Tarbert Street Dental Surgery
21 April 2017
Juliet delivered a really good first aid course, she had a lot of knowledge - practical - real situations
R Meek
21 April 2017
Juliet was fantastic! Enjoyed the videos- great to watch better than words on a board. Great presentation
D Halkett
21 April 2017
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