Julie's delivery of the course content was extremely friendly, engaging and energetic. All content was very relevant and to the point - no mucking around - delivered at a perfect pace. I really enjoyed it and found it so beneficial and empowering.
N Aarts
31 January 2018
As I attended I just want to say that I was very impressed with the content, the delivery and the professionalism of the course. Denelza ran an excellent day, and from the feedback I have had from my colleagues, we all gained a great deal from her expert training. I would highly recommend both your company and Denelza.
S Lucas
27 November 2017
Amazing - Julie very relatable. Easy to listen to and understand. Excellent.
S Robinson
12 October 2017
Learned several new things and new theories. Confident with CPR & heart attack (more than before). Appreciated calm, practical, realistic delivery of this. Thank you
P Lawson
12 October 2017
Confident, knowledgable and likable teacher makes all the difference. Thanks Julie
J Shanks
12 October 2017
Hi Fua, Firstly thank you for organising the training we received on Saturday. I would like to also pass on our appreciation to Julie, to whom delivered an energetic, knowledgeable and up to date presentation. I have spoken to all who attended  today and they can only say positive things about the course and this is a big thing as all gave up there Saturday to be here. I will most certainly being singing the praises to all of the other Alsco branch’s that haven’t used Meditrain.
Kind regards,Dean Muir
15 August 2017
A big QPS high 5 for the refresher that you delivered last week. All the staff loved it, thought the content was spot on and the delivery was up beat and interesting.

Lock you in for next time.
Matt Leach Deputy Principal Queenstown Primary Sch
12 May 2017
Thanks, Brittany,
for your First Aid course at Anglican Family care - I know I filled out an evaluation, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the day - I've done so many courses and I dreaded yet another, but you provided us all with common sense, interest, knowledge and enthusiasm and I have as a consequence learned a lot.
Thanks - Lauris Polson (Family Start).
21 April 2017
Hi Julie,
Could you please pass on a BIG well done to Brittany for last week's CPR & general first aid sessions, all my guys & girls are
very impressed with her delivery of such a monotonous topic and , of course,the first aid kit top up.
Rodney (Delta)
21 April 2017
Hi Dean,
I have just completed my First Aid Refresher course this morning and would just like to past on my thanks for finding an educator and company who was able to take a course that I didn't nearly fall asleep in. Eliot was excellent in keeping the class on topic through his knowledge and experience yet fully open to discuss other questions given to him during the course. He was realistic in his approach to first aid and created several good discussions on scenarios involving CPR situations.He was terrific in explaining the background knowledge of why we do CPR and the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. I feel the whole class is now a whole lot more confident to do CPR if ever they were placed in that situation.We were all educated in how the heart works and the reasoning behind CPR with an honest approach to attempting to keep someone alive long enough for a de-fibrillator to reach them.Eliot made sure the class understood all subjects discussed before moving on and by keeping it simple and with a bit of humour included this was achieved quite quickly through out the morning.For me personally I feel this is the first time I have walked away from a company first aid course having learnt something about CPR and achieving a real knowledge that will give me confidence to step in if the situation arises.
Thanks again
Gregory Fordyce - Cold Storage Supervisor
21 April 2017
Hi Julie,
Firstly I would like to say how fantastic Eliot was with our students during their course. We knew within the first few minutes of the first day that he would be! Please pass on our appreciation for that.
Viv Hay - Careers Adviser - Waitaki Girls' High Sc
21 April 2017
This was the best first aid course I've done. Very real life and valuable. John was fantastic-really personable and easy to listen to. Great work.
21 April 2017
John was great as a teacher. Open and educational learning.
21 April 2017
Great teaching - real life stories help to bring it into perspective, very easy to understand
21 April 2017
Postive, good level of knowledge, taught all we needed while keeping realistic. Thanks heaps!
21 April 2017
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