A Few Words About Us

We believe that everyone should have a simple working knowledge of First Aid

What would you do if someone you know were to have an accident or suffer a medical emergency?

What if you saw an accident or medical emergency on the road or at work?       Would you be able to help?

MediTrain provides a comprehensive range of First Aid training courses from Basic Life Support (CPR) to Workplace First Aid, Childcare First Aid to Advanced Training for Health Care Professionals.  We also provide Pre-Hospital Emergency Care courses and on site incident/accident assessment, prevention & debriefing services.

With us you will receive:

  1. Quality up to date materials
  2. MediTrain instructors that have real life experience from working in the emergency services field
  3. Practical experience on the manikins makes YOU feel competent and confident
  4. A guarantee that learning First Aid will an relaxed and enjoyable experience
  5. A well presented first aid course that aim's to take the fear out of a topic that can be daunting 
  6. Accident prevention that applies in all aspects of life

Join us at our office in Green Island or at one of our many public courses around Otago, Central Otago and Southland. We also offer onsite courses, let us know where and when and we are more than happy to make it work.

We offer Comprehensive Workplace First Aid courses in 1 day class time instead of 2, as well as refresher courses in 4 hours class time . This is more cost effective for employers and can help to limit the information overload.

Our wide range of courses and the diverse background of our instructors allows us the freedom to adapt our training scenarios to be as contextual as possible. This means we can tailor the material and generate group discussions in the hope that the information will stick with you.

If you have specific requirements - contact us to discuss tailoring a course to meet your needs.

We are also accredited with the New Zealand Dental Assoc "NZDA"

Otago/Central Otago Instructors Manager:

Julie Walker
03 488 5919
027 2767 292

First Aid kit restocking & Sales: 

Hana Edwards                                                
03 488 5919                                                       
021 2617 491                                                   

Sharon Brogan

Sharon is a amubulance officer with several years experience. She is also a volenteer firefighter with the Waitaiti brigade. So she has a vast range of expereince in the emergency services. A great new addition to our team.

Murray Little

Murray is also a full time fire fighter in Dunedin and has been in the service for over 20 years. Murray also used to teach first aid for the fire service staff until this was out sourced. Lucky for us as Murray now has the time to teach for us on his days off.

Jake Wansink

Jake is the youngest member of our team. Also being a full time fire fighter, Jake has also been in the emergency services in the NZ Army. Jake is qualified in Pre hospital emergency care, combat first aid (ACLS). Jake also holds is NZRC Level 5.

Juliet Wardell

Juliet is a registered nurse with many years experience. She has also volenteered in Peru, Guatemala & Mexico doing nursing duties in rest homes, orphanages and clinics.

Julie Walker

Julie has had 10 years experience in the first aid industry and holds NZRC level 5 certificate. She has a vast knowledge of the ins and out of first aid from teaching to everything you need to know about your workplaces first aid requirements.

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